The app Tinder on Nokia X: make new friends

The app Tinder on Nokia X make new friends

More and more people make friends and maintain communication in the network. So developers should take into account this need interaction and create convenient tools. One of them is Tinder for the devices collection Nokia X.
The app Tinder on Nokia X make new friends
To use the app Tinder is very simple. Enter your account in Facebook and find friends with the same interests or those nearby. Search interests include the information from your profile Facebook: favorite movies, brands, groups, etc.
For each potential friend shows avatar, name and age, as well as counters, informing you about the number of photos and friends in common.
The app Tinder on Nokia X make new friends
If you are interested in people, click the heart or move the contact to the left, if not interested, click x or slide to the right.
Others will “vote” in your profile, and if you and the other person likoly each other, Tinder will offer you a secure chat within the app. The rest depends on you. The app Tinder for Nokia X for free and already available for download in the Nokia Store.

LG presented the “smart” home appliances

LG presented the smart home appliances

LG has introduced a new “smart” appliances with built-in revolutionary communication system HomeChat in South Korea. HomeChat uses automatic processing of texts in natural languages (Natural Language Processing – NLP) and popular mobile application LINE.
LG presented the smart home appliances
This application has already connected more than 300 million users, which allows owners of the latest smart devices communicate with, monitor and share content. Bringing usability to a new level, a line of smart appliances LG premium includes a refrigerator with a built-in camera, washing machine, allowing users to remotely start and load washing programs through HomeChat, and Lightwave oven, supports NFC and WiFi for convenient control from anywhere.
LG HomeChat, combined with the popular LINE application that allows users to get recommendations and to control the technology even outside the house. Thanks to its intuitive interface, HomeChat™ makes the process of communication with fridge, washing machine and microwave is very similar to dealing with an old friend. For even more convenience, the Quick Button provides quick and easy access to the most frequently used functions of each device. HomeChat™ also offers a choice of three different modes: “Vacation”, “No” and “Return home”. New opportunities technology LG make fun, offering more than 40 unique LINE stickers for diversity, as well as personalized communication with devices.
Advanced “smart” refrigerator from LG is equipped with several revolutionary technologies, including Smart View. When using the camera for the first time built-in inside of the refrigerator in the upper part of the refrigerating compartment, users can keep track of what is inside through their smartphones or tablets. Wide angle camera can show not only the contents of the upper shelves, but the food on the bottom. Also the built-in camera records the opening and closing of the refrigerator, photographing products, remaining in it since the last opening. Thanks HomeChat users can quickly see what they need to buy in a shop or supermarket.
LG presented the smart home appliances
Thanks HomeChat users can remotely control and monitor the work of their “smart” washing machine. Simply write the message “start wash” and specify estimated time of return home, and washing machine LG will ensure completion of washing by this time. And if you ask her “What are you doing?”, the user will receive real-time status about the current stage of washing. “Smart” washing machine LG is equipped with intuitive touch screen control, which greatly facilitates the selection and download of washing cycles through WiFi connection.
Using HomeChat and the tool “Search recipes” owners of smart ovens can discuss with them the recommended recipes selected dishes. If you select “Return home” using HomeChat furnace asks “What dish you want to cook today?” and opens the “Search recipes”. Before the process of making the device itself sets the temperature and time of cooking specific dishes. Users can receive notifications on their smartphones about new recipes.
After a successful launch in Korea, LG plans to bring “smart” refrigerators, washing machines and ovens, compatible with HomeChat, and other markets.

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